I learned something very important recently; never pigeon-hole yourself.

As someone with a background in illustration, painting, and photography, who is interested in a wide variety of subjects from architecture to people and the fantastical, I always thought of myself as being "all over the place". I now realize that my experience and intense study in such a wide range of media and styles is an advantage because I can use all of this to create and capture truly unique images for each client.

I love meeting new people and discovering and revisiting spaces and places, and I am always looking for an opportunity to work with those who want to work with me to create exceptional and unique visuals that will capture the memory and spirit of the special occasion, people, and place.

Whether you are planning your wedding, an exclusive portrait session for your family or even your band, or you are throwing an epic party and just need to have some great photos, or you want any other types of custom visuals, I'd love to help!

I work out of my home in beautiful Newburyport Massachusetts, and work primarily between Boston and Portland, but I am available to travel further if possible.

I hope you enjoy my work, if you wish to see works in other media, like paintings, please visit http://www.danfionte.com

I look forward to meeting you

Dan Fionte
United States